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The Power of Videos for your brand

Posted on Sep 9, 2014 by in Ideas ! | 0 comments

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Companies, organizations and even personalities rely on the power of virality on social media. Virality is one of the main indicators whether their brand is effective or not. To become viral – to be shared, liked and commented on – the content published on a social platform must have a certain quality to catch on like wildfire. Video marketing has become one of the most effective and convenient ways to promote a brand.

Why Videos?

And why not? Artists and musicians realize what videos do for them and how they create a stronger and more immediate impact for the consumers. An evident example would be “Gangnam Style”. Their music video garnered more than a billion views which resulted to Psy’s eventual global fame. It has now crossed 2 billion!


They say, ‘Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak.’ Videos allow complete visual communication and help build emotional connections with people. Compared to image and text, a video is a completely different method of engaging audiences since the amount of information it can display in a second outweighs the amount of information that is read.

As per Forbes, two of the top 7 social media marketing trends to dominate 2014 are
1) A huge success in image-centric networks and
2) The rise of micro-video.

Instagram, which used to be only a photo sharing site, quickly caught on to this trend as they recently released this year their video feature and companies have been creating their unique, 15-second advertisements with it. Brands like MTV, BBC, Levis, Ben & Jerry’s and Victoria’s Secret have done some amazing promotions via Instagram videos.


Three great reasons why videos have become important to online promotion:
• Online videos are cost-effective to produce for the value it generates
• Video increases brand recognition
• Online videos are inherently viral

It also highlights why videos are gaining greater value online compared to textual-based content.
• More people prefer watching videos.
• Videos induce people to stay longer on websites.
• People remember videos.


How effective are videos?

YouTube is the hub of video marketing. This is the platform for unknowns to become household names and dubious companies turn into corporate success stories. A case study on Dove given below proves its power.

Dove (Unilever): Dove Showeroke


Media Contacts Philippines was challenged by Dove to expand its consumer base to include younger and more vibrant woman, and they wanted to do it with the new product: Dove Go Fresh


Media Contacts strategy was to own the shower experience online and give every girl the chance to become a celebrity, reinforcing therefore Dove’s Go Fresh positioning as a fun and energetic shower experience.
The shower remixer microsite allowed users to customize their shower experience, selecting different fixtures, floor designs, shelves and window scenes. As girls remixed their shower, the musical theme also changed. The Showeroke, online singing contest, culminated in a live talent show.


• Showeroke video and blog entries were picked up in several blogs generating a readership of 18,000.
• Dove Bar annual penetration went up from 13.7% to 18.4%
• Dove Body wash loyalty went up from 24% to 27.6%
• Winner of the Best Creative Campaign ICON Award (Havas Digital awards)

Another popular case would be that of Volvo Trucks when they released a video ad of the legendary Jean Claude Van Damme to execute his signature split which is now considered the most epic of splits of the 21st century. Till date, the viral video has collected over 55 million views and still counting. A video can get all eyes are on your brand. In the case of Volvo, millions of pairs of eyes have seen and have become aware of their product and their brand. It was noted that this ad, in a span of 9 days reached, reached 40 million views.


Video marketing encourages people to visit, buy and support your brand. It’s an accessible way to reach the audience through video presentation via many social platforms to promote your website or product. In short, videos drive sales.


To say the business world is highly competitive is an understatement. Each company wants their brand to be the customer’s “first choice” in their respective market. Videos for advertising, marketing and promotion can give them the edge they need.
Traditional advertising is still very much a part of the marketing strategies. But the internet has revolutionized advertising and proved how online advertising through videos is effective.



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