Breathe the Change in association with Madison Communications

Halls launched a campaign, called Breathe the Change. It encourages you to unleash the Power of your positivity. Positivity is unlocked by the freshness of breath that Halls gives you.

Halls adopted a village called Debramal, in Maharashtra. Debramal does not have access to electricity due to its terrain. Halls took it upon itself to install a Windmill there. Using online platform, it wished to involve the online Indian audience to collectively own this initiative. So, they invited people to ‘give’ their breath and contribute towards setting up the Windmill. Halls set a target of 2,00,000 breaths for them to set up the windmill.

Eccentric Engine designed the web site for this experience. Web Site had a layout of the village. Users were encouraged to turn their microphones on and blow into the the mic, just like you’d blow candles. On detecting the breath, the village layout came to life. The air was shown traveling across the village and putting the blades of the windmill in motion. This illuminated the village.