Digital Apps for Sanofi in association with havas worldwide


We partnered with Havas Worldwide to work for their client Sanofi India, to develop series of interactive applications to promote their Product, Lantus or Insulin Glargine. It helps control the blood sugar level for diabetes patients.

Biometric Scan App: This was done to establish uniqueness of the product. We detected the thumb of the User on the Tablet Screen. Just like every thumb impression is unique, we established the analogy that the product is also unique.

Match The Box App: Built for iOS, the application has two columns, we establish that it is not possible to recreate the pattern of the first column in the second one, despite the user trying to match the patterns.

Make Your Own Lantus App: Built for iOS, Make Your Own Lantus App takes user into an interactive journey of how Lantus is manufactured in a Lab.

Augmented Reality App: By scanning on the Lantus logo by AR app, this Augmented Reality application educates Doctors about all aspects of Lanus, from chemical composition to distribution.