It has always been a challenge for Insurance, or any BFSI company to retain the attention of the audience when their Salesforce holds presentation at corporate offices. Task at hand was to make the experience more interactive and interesting.

Our Insight : Any activity where the audience is involved very closely and participates, leaves a long lasting impact on them. There is a good chance that most people in the audience have their own phone device. Idea: We created an interactive experience for ICICI Prudential Salesforce to demonstrate the benefits of getting insured. Users are asked to choose their dreams, on their respective phones. These dreams are projected on the screen. Dreams are represented by means of bubbles, along with names of users who have chosen those. Bigger the size of bubble, more the number of users who have chosen that dream. There is a positive, happy music throughout. Suddenly, there is a change in mood. Names of users disappear from the screen, but the dreams hover on, without their respective owners. This is when the realisation sinks in, that your dreams remain, irrespective of your being around. A simple, yet impactful showcase of the concept of Life Insurance.