LG Smart phones launched Knock Code, a technology that makes your phone secure. Knock Code provides users with over 80,000 combinations of unlocking the phone.

The task at hand was to create awareness around Knock Code, by educating people about the Knock Code.Good, interesting content is the key to creating Product Awareness. But when you also need to ‘educate’ your audience, creating interesting content becomes a tad more challenging.

Our Insight:

The reason you keep a security setting on your phone is because you have content, which is ‘private’ and that is not something you’d not share with anyone.

This content talks a lot about your personality.

The Big Idea:

Considering that everyone has their own personality, LG Knock Code, with its 80,000+ ways of unlocking the phone, has a Unique Code for your personality.

To showcase each personality, we used an avatar built around human fingers, as it is fingers that eventually unlock a phone.

Hence, the idea “My Code. My Style”

How We Made it Happen:

We modeled fingers to represent various personalities. These included a dancer, a fighter, a runner and a fashionista. All these personalities can be related by a lot of people in today’s world.





Around each personality, we made a short video. Video shows the personality unlocking the Phone in their own style.

The videos were promoted across various Digital Platforms in various formats including Vine, Instagram and Youtube.

After viewing each video, user was prompted to share it with their friends who resembled the personality.

Thus, people got recommendations from their friends, on what their ‘Knock Code’ should be.

Hence, not only did people view the content, but they also gave their recommendations to their friends on what their ‘Knock Code’ should be.