One 3D with Tata Hexa


75% car buyers research online before hitting the dealership. Number of showroom visits before the final purchase decision, has reduced drastically. The Digital Experience is more important than ever, for Automotive companies.

With the current scenario in mind, we created an Online Walkthrough of the vehicle. The walkthrough, built in an interactive manner, allows users to interact with the vehicle. Users are in complete control of the experience. They can walk around the exterior of the vehicle, open the door of the car to enter it, experience being seated on the Rear Seat, interact with the touchscreen system and much more.

This is a shift from the existing norm of product showcase, which consists of images and video content. The experience was made possible by achieving extreme compression of the 3D model of the vehicle, with minimal loss in quality, coupled with interactive coding. The Walkthrough is designed to work on all Modern Smartphones and devices.

We are proud to have launched One 3D with Tata Motors for the Hexa. Everyday, we are working on improving the product and making it relevant to Automotive and other Durable products.

You can check it out yourself Here.

Here are key benefits of One 3D:

1. It allows millions of potential buyers, who do not have access to Dealerships, but have Smartphones, to explore the product.

2. It enables showcasing the product at Remote Dealerships and Activations, where it is not possible to physically showcase the product.

3. It can be adapted to a Tablet based sales tool, that allows buyers to compare the features in the various variants and also lets them customise the product as per their taste.

Clients can avail significant cross-platform Cost Benefits.