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Digital Virtual Retail
Our interactions provide a showroom-like experience to vehicle buyers, anywhere.
As a Buyer, you get an immersive yet natural way to shop at your convenience. If you are a Seller, we make you omnipresent, which has a direct impact on your productivity and profitability.


interactions this minute
across Virtual & Real Worlds

Virtual One 3D

The Most Natural way to visualise a product.

Virtual Assistants

The most Human way to assist Buyers- without Humans.

Real Concierge

The fastest way to respond to customer interest!

Retail Solution

The smartest way to interact with Customers within your premises.

EE Xperience Manager

All of our Products. Integrated seamlessly for you.

At Eccentric Engine, privileged to co-build Metaverse with some of the best minds of our times. Since 2016, we are engaged in Virtualisation of Automotive Retail. We have helped leading Automotive Brands in the World unlock the power of Virtual Interactions.

How buyers interact with products & how your Sales Agents interact with buyers is not going to be the same. Its time to unlearn, rebuild and grow exponentially- One Interaction at a Time!

"Eccentric Engine's Car Configurator in our website & our dealerships has enabled millions of our customers across the country to explore their next car in a very immersive manner for a superior experience"

Ram Suresh Akella Ram Suresh Akella,
Executive Director - Sales & Marketing,
Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

"Our vision of providing our customers 24x7 engagement experience that leverages technology, human connect, flexibility and convenience to the customers is built in partnership with Eccentric Engine to be present anytime, anywhere"

Gaurav Gupta Gaurav Gupta,
Chief Commercial Officer,
MG Motor India.

"We know with Eccentric Engine, we are working with someone with superior technology & we know we are working with a partner who has skin in the game"

Sriram Padmanabhan Sriram Padmanabhan,
Head of Marketing,
Nissan India.

"At the Mahindra Group, we strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology. In partnership with Eccentric Engine, we are two Indian Companies, one traditional and one modern, coming together to create future technologies for our customers"

Bhuwan Lodha Bhuwan Lodha,
Head - Digital Transformation,

"We have experienced some very important things with Eccentric Engine in our partnership; a sense of ownership, extensive support for scaling up & the agility in solving business problems together which reflects our brand ethos perfectly"

Ashish Sahni Ashish Sahni,
Directors - Customer Journey & Digital Transformation, Stellantis India.
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