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At Eccentric Engine, privileged to co-build Metaverse with some of the best minds of our times. Since 2016, we are engaged in Virtualisation of Automotive Retail. We have helped leading Automotive Brands in the World unlock the power of Virtual Interactions.

How buyers interact with products & how your Sales Agents interact with buyers is not going to be the same. Its time to unlearn, rebuild and grow exponentially- One Interaction at a Time!

EE X Automotive

An average vehicle purchase needs a buyer to travel over 90 kms to visit various brand dealerships for consultation, test drive and closing on a deal. To buy a vehicle, you are likely to spend over 6+ hours visiting dealerships. Add another 30 hours spent in doing research, consultation and paperwork. Considering you will be doing this with your friends & family, we have over 100 hours of time. Just the commute to and from dealerships adds 4.3Kg of Carbon Footprint. Assuming over 3 million people purchase vehicles every year, almost 52000 tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere.

Our aim is to provide a natural, immersive, yet uncompromised vehicle purchase experience by leveraging interactions. While we do not claim to eliminate touch & feel before purchase (we love to drive cars ourselves), we plan to provide the right tools to buyers and sellers to make the process quicker, more rewarding and most importantly, fun!

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Our Mantra is simple

  • Have Faith
  • Set Expectations
  • Deliver

Our Culture

And at the heart of everything we do are our people who are our driving force, Original, Resilient and Agile. At Eccentric Engine we aren't afraid of the unknown on the contrary, embrace uncertainty.

We must warn you, being Eccentric is Contagious.

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