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At Eccentric Engine, we are privileged to co-build Metaverse with some of the best minds of our time. Since 2016, we have been engaged in the Virtualisation of Automotive Retail. We have helped leading Automotive Brands in the World optimize the power of Virtual Interactions.

We have created a world-class 3D Visualization platform that makes vehicles accessible to all. We are looking for a '3D Generalist' who will help build the next generation of visualization of Automotive Retail Globally.

Eccentric Engine’s Mission

We are building a Showroom-like experience in a virtual world where a vehicle buyer

What you’ll do

  • Producing hard surface CG models in line with brief and/or reference material.
  • Facilitate the creation of high-quality photo-real texture maps.
  • Learn how to use AI to boost productivity in 3D content generation.
  • Interpret abstract ideas into the creation of compelling photo-real 3D assets.
  • Get a Real-world understanding of proportion, depth, scale, and physical space.
  • Take ownership and strive for high-quality deliverables with timing discipline.
  • Contributing to the development of custom modeling pipelines.
  • Get exposure to working on car trim complexities.
  • Learn and work on the in-house 3D engine and set up of photo-realistic assets.
  • You will get a platform to demonstrate your skills in CGI work with exceptional composition and Automotive modeling.

What we seek

  • CAD Modelling proficiency.
  • Knowledge of design and prototyping tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Blender and Substance Painter.
  • Must have knowledge of Polygon Modelling
  • Understanding of Materials Setup, Texturing, UVs, Lighting and Rendering.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills allowing collaboration with a wide variety of team members across the organization.