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At Eccentric Engine, we are privileged to co-build Metaverse with some of the best minds of our time. Since 2016, we have been engaged in the Virtualisation of Automotive Retail. We have helped leading Automotive Brands in the World optimize the power of Virtual Interactions.

We are looking for a Principle First 'Product Manager' at Eccentric Engine. As a PM at EE, you will be responsible for taking a product to scale and will be at the helm of GTM strategy this includes unlocking the whole world of virtual interaction.

Eccentric Engine’s Mission

We are building a Showroom-like experience in a virtual world where a vehicle buyer

  • Can take a 3D walkthrough of all models/variants/trims on sale
  • Can customize the vehicle and see exactly how it looks like and how much it will cost
  • Can take a ‘Virtual Consultation’ with a sales agent in the virtual world (some like to call it Metaverse)

Why Product Manager?

There is a reason why vehicle purchase has not changed in the last century and why showrooms exist. Because it is not easy to change. Technology cannot succeed without strategy, planning & analytics. We have built the planes. We need pilots to take Passengers to destinations.

What you’ll do

  • Listen to our customers & their ambitions and their pain. Feel their pain
  • Use your creativity & analytical skills to put together a Roadmap that inspires
  • Detail out the Roadmap. From 35,000 feet to ground level. Identify Stakeholders, Identify the API you will need to integrate. That line of copy will create magic. Remember, you are the Pilot!
  • Ensure 100% roadmap alignment with our Product teams and execution team at all points
  • Be the first user of the products/components of your roadmap. Critically evaluate and course-correct at every given opportunity
  • Measure, Measure & Measure. Identify bottlenecks & solve them
  • Keep all Stakeholders aligned at every step. Keep announcing how far away you are from destination. And what you need them to do to help get there
  • Rinse Repeat the Above

What we seek

  • Curiosity. We know it is scarce
  • Love for data. Proven experience in analytics is a MUST
  • Preferred- A stint in Consulting
  • Clear track record of getting work done. We do not want keyboard warriors or delegators
  • Education that laid the foundation for the above would be nice
  • Working from Mumbai, India & open to traveling to our client office around the world