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You never know when your Customers may need your Assistance. Use Concierge to 'Be Omnipresent'. Be available 24X7 to demonstrate your products, have great conversations and close deals using a unique interaction system which is immersive, yet natural to use

Do you relate to one or more of these situations?

01 I wish I could attend to high intent prospects in Real time, should they need assistance, without them having to wait for a callback.

02 I wish I could somehow create the same impact for my customers that I do when they enter my Storefront.

03 I wish I could utilize my Agents better so that they attend to more Customers than they currently do.

04 I wish I could do something more than just a Video Call to interact with by Customers.

If these made you think, look no further.

Concierge leverages the very core human senses- Vision, Touch, Speech to enable smooth, seamless and productive interaction between Buyers and Sellers. It leverages visualization, advanced communication technology and machine learning but within the realms of Human comfort.

100% Browser Native

Customers need not download any applications

3D & Voice based co-browsing

To provide context to remote conversations

Agent-side dashboard

To orchestrate conversations and interactions.

Dynamic Rerouting

To ensure instant fulfilment


Predictive Models depending on Quality of Conversations


Concierge is built ground up to ensure data security. Concierge works only the relevant parts of the website developed for shared assistance. Sensitive information such as Credit Card number, your address and anything else can be hidden from Agent.


Nissan wants to be 'present' for their Customers when they need them the most.

Concierge at Work

Concierge provides prospects an opportunity to get 'Live Consultation' instantly.

The expert helps prospects navigate through the entire range of Nissan Magnite, encompassing all trims, accessories and other products. While doing so, the expert is available to answer customer questions in Real time.

How it helps Nissan

Concierge helps a potential Nissan customer to complete various steps involved in Purchase Decision right on the website, when they are actually seeking information. It helps Nissan qualify leads faster and propel them towards purchase. And of course, provide an Unparallelled User Experience & Customer Delight.

  • Avg. Engagement Duration per Prospect: 13 minutes (up 4X compared to website)
  • |
  • % of Concierge calls resulting in Action (Test Drive, Booking etc): 45%