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You have a great product range and well designed showrooms. With the offerings increasing by the day and size of showrooms decreasing, you need to re-imagine how they are operated.

Do you relate to one or more of these situations?

01 How do your showroom agents exhibit products that are not in stock?

02 How can these agents continue providing a great experience to customers who are unable to walk in?

03 What should be the right approach for digitized outlets, which are significantly smaller than the regular showrooms?

04 How do you ensure adoption of the various digital tools you introduce and track their effectiveness?

If these made you think, look no further.

With a vast experience of deploying One 3D visualization platform at over 3,000 Sales Outlets, we are rapidly equipping agents with tools to improve the impact of consultations they have with their customers.


Footprint of over 15,000 Dealer Devices


Multiple form factors supported

Remote Selling

Enabled via Concierge.

Advanced Streaming

Video Consultations involving AR


Continuous training & tracking


Our Retail offering seamlessly integrates with the Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and the applications associated with it. It improvises all critical Dealer operations such as Customer Consultations, Enquiry Management, Follow Ups, Accessory Showcase and Quotation Generation.

It is designed to work efficiently on the various Screen Sizes, encompassing Smartphones, Tablets, Touchscreens and multi-screen displays.

Helping Maruti Suzuki provide memorable In-Showroom experience


Maruti Suzuki wanted to equip its Dealer Partners and Sales Executive with the ability to showcase their entire range with all combinations of model-colour-variant-accessories to their potential customers.

Retail Solution at Work

Maruti Suzuki partnered with Eccentric Engine to develop a Real time 3D Configurator system for both its Retail Channels- Arena & Nexa.

Using the Configurator, dealership sales teams can help customers visualize various customisations that go on a model along with a complete clarity on pricing at every step. Various screens of all form factors encompassing video walls, iPads and smartphones can provide this experience. The system is made to work with practical challenges such as interrupted internet connectivity.

The Configurator is also present on the website, enabling web-to-store and store-to-web journeys. The Configurator is also equipped with Augmented Reality that helps a Buyer understand how the Model will appear in their garage.

How it helps Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki customers always have utmost clarity of Decision Making at all points as the entire range is accessible to them. It not only accelerates Decision Making but also increases 'Per Vehicle Accessory Sales'.

  • Over 600 Showrooms use 3D Configurator
  • |
  • Over 3,000 devices equipped with Augmented Reality feature