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You have invested in the cutting edge digital systems. Have they provided incremental gains or 'transformed' how you interact with your Customers? Convert your website, contact centers as well as Retail Outlets into 'Experience Centers' and get the edge

Do you relate to one or more of these situations?

01 I wish to radically reduce the 'Exploration-to-Decision' window.

02 I wish to extend a consistent, high quality experience across my touchpoints.

03 I wish to have a longer window of engagement with my prospects to influence them better.

04 I have tried immersive experiences such as AR/VR etc but have been unable to scale them up such that most of my prospects experience it.

If these made you think, look no further.

Experience Manager helps you to create, deploy and measure immersive Interactions at Scale across touchpoints to maximise impact on your customers' decision making. It transforms every aspect of your Business that is customer facing.

Experience Manager makes websites more engaging and actionable, enables your sales agents to be present to consult your customers when they need them the most and makes visits to your showrooms memorable.


(One 3D, Concierge, Virtual Assistant & Retail combine)

Dedicated Team

Solutioning, Deployment, Training & Support


We deploy wherever you are present

Upgrades & Updates

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Experience Manager is built ground up to closely work with your systems. Be it integrating with your Website Platform/CMS, Contact Center platform, DMS or Hardware at your Retail Outlets.

We do not access your PI. However, at the same time, we help you obtain valuable insights about what your potential customers want and AI generated tips on how best to propel them down the Sales Funnel.

Helping MG Motor
transform Interactions


MG Motor wanted to extend its 'advanced technology' credentials beyond its products, to encompass the entire Sales Experience

Xperience Manager at Work

The Purchase Journey for an MG Motor vehicle is virtualized at every step, by the 'MG Xpert' initiative that is powered by Experience Manager.

On the website, you are greeted by a Virtual Assistant that helps cover some key steps in your Purchase. At any point in your Purchase you are just a click away from the Concierge - to be implemented who helps finalise your decision.

If this is not enough, you can be connected to a Retail Outlet, who overlay AR effects over a Video call to help you visualise the various trims and options on a Live Car. Any MG Motor Outlet will have access to your preferences, would you want to visit them at any point in time.

How it helps MG Motor

Experience Manager helps accelerate Decision Making with every interaction Customer has with the Brand. Virtualization helps improve the efficiency of Sales Agents, who have quality interactions with high intent individuals. Sales Agents are empowered to provide their customers a far richer experience, which otherwise would not have been possible. This gives them an edge over competition.

MG Motor has complete control over how these interactions play out. By means of Workflow Management, it has the ability to define and optimize which interventions are used when.